Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Aging Plane Issue. Is it really an Issue?

Aviation Experts Say Aging U.S. Planes Are Crippling Airlines This Story in Abc News recently reports on the delays from AA due to its last minute inspections of the MD aircraft it has.

Why is this restricted to AA. Is there some maintenance issue that AA has with these aircraft that is peculiar to them and no other carriers, or are they just the only carrier.

Lots of these flying around asia, I wonder if we will see the issues spreading ..

Philippine Airlines to buy Turbo Props in next few months

Is Cebu Pacific's decision to purchase ATR's getting attention from LT?

Manila - Flag-carrier Philippine Airlines said Thursday that it would purchase nine turbo-propeller aircraft from Canada's Bombardier Aerospace to boost its domestic operations. Asia's oldest airline said the turbo-prop fleet would consist of three 50-seater Q300s and six 76-seater Q400s, which would cost a total of 150 million dollars.

The planes are set to be delivered within the next four to six months.

The airline said the new fleet would enable it to provide better service to passengers commuting between the country's islands, which have smaller airports.

"Most small-island airports in the country are able to accommodate only turbo-prop aircraft," the carrier said in a statement.

It said it hopes that its improved local service would help boost tourism and trade in rural communities across the Philippines, an archipelago nation of more than 7,000 islands.

The airline is also expecting delivery of five Airbus A320 jets this year and six Boeing 777-300ER planes starting in 2009 as part of an ongoing refleeting programme

I Saw this on the Earth Times of all places ..,philippine-airlines-to-buy-nine-planes-for-150-million-dollars.html