Monday, March 31, 2008

Nothing goes to Plan!

SO, here we are, having sold my daughter on the fact that we are going to see whale sharks, here comes a mesage that Polo is now the game.

Plans have changed, as is the want in Aviation, we are now going to lunch, landing at a Polo Field called Calatagan, South West of Manila along some spectacular coastline, lunch at Punta Baluarte, then back again.

The Polo Field is actually part of the Zobel family's Hacienda Bigaa private retreat, the airfield is now open to the public so off we go, I have seen it from the air before and it looks spectacular ..

Alas, my daughter has turned up her nose, so it will be lunch, return, and a few beers with the boys on the agenda when we get back ..

What is Punta Bularte, you may ask? Funny you say that, I had to ask Google as well. Some idea of what we are in store for ..

An interesting place with an interesting history .....

Now, for a photo of the air strip ...

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