Saturday, June 21, 2008

Problems surface as DOTC holds dry run at NAIA-3

MANILA, Philippines - Transportation Sec. Leandro Mendoza on Friday morning led the dry run for the scheduled opening of the Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport next month.

Radio dzBB's Denver Trinidad reported Mendoza conducted the inspection along with airport officials and found several equipment in the airport to be in poor condition.

The group first went to the arrival area of the Terminal 3 and noticed that the air conditioning system was not working. The report also said there were parts of Terminal 3 that are yet to be finished and the immigration and customs counter still do not have equipment. 

In a separate report, GMA's Flash Report said that during the dry run, the group also found out that one of the airport's aerobridges and a baggage conveyor were also not working. 

The report said Alfonso Cusi, general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), assured Mendoza that the air conditioning system will be fully operational by Saturday.

Cusi explained that the five years the Terminal 3 operation had been stalled took a toll on the equipment. However, Cusi assured that they will continue repairing and replacing the equipment.

Despite these problems, the radio report quoted Mendoza as saying that it is all systems go for the Terminal 3 despite the problem with the air conditioning system. 

Earlier reports said the Terminal 3 will be open on the second week of July initially as a domestic airport and will open its door to international flights before the year ends. 

The opening of the NAIA terminal 3 had been stalled twice: first, in March 2006, when part of the ceiling in the arrival area gave in and, second, in 2007, after airport consultants said the terminal was not yet safe to be used.

MIAA earlier expressed hope the Terminal 3 will finally be opened as some $300 million had already been spent for its construction

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