Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday August 26, 2008: Reference.com On This Day

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On This Day:
Tuesday August 26, 2008

This is the 239th day of the year, with 127 days remaining in 2008.

Fact of the Day: women's equality day

Women's Equality Day was first celebrated in in 1971, marking women's advancements toward equality with men on the anniversary of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment (1920) which granted American women full suffrage. Annually since then, women have observed the day with events that celebrate women's progress toward equality.


Feast Day of St. Bergwine, archbishop of Canterbury, St. John Wall, St. Mary Desmaisieres, St. Pandonia, and St. Teresa Jornet Ihars.
Namibia: Heroes' Day.
United States: Women's Equality Day.


55 B.C.E. - Roman forces under Julius Caesar invaded Britain.
1429 - Joan of Arc made a triumphant entry into Paris.
1791 - John Fitch was granted a United States patent for the steamboat.
1847 - Liberia was proclaimed an independent republic.
1883 - The volcano Krakatoa erupted in the largest recorded explosion.
1939 - WXBS of New York City televised the first major league baseball games.
1957 - Ford Motor Company unveiled the Edsel.
1968 - As the Democratic National Convention began in Chicago, thousands of antiwar demonstrators protested the Vietnam War and its support by presidential candidate, Vice President Hubert Humphrey.
2002 - Earth Summit 2002 begins in Johannesburg, South Africa.
2003 - Columbia Accident Investigation Board releases its final reports on the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.


1743 - Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, French chemist, known as the "Father of Modern Chemistry."
1874 - Lee De Forest, American physicist, inventor, considered the "Father of radio."
1906 - Albert Sabin, Polish-born American polio researcher.
1920 - Brant Parker, American cartoonist.
1940 - Don LaFontaine, American voice actor.
1960 - Branford Marsalis, an American jazz and classical saxophonist.


1930 - Lon Chaney, Sr., American actor.
1974 - Charles Lindbergh, American pioneer aviator and first person to fly solo, nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean.
1978 - Charles Boyer, French-born American actor.
1980 - Tex Avery (born Frederick Bean Avery), American cartoonist.

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