Monday, November 10, 2008

Omni Aviation orders new aircraft

Omni Aviation Corp. (OAC) has ordered three Cessna 152s including an Aerobat that will be used for advanced maneuvers such as upset recovery. These aircraft will be enjoyed by more than 100 students, including foreigners from 18 countries currently training at Omni Aviation.

Founded by retired Boeing 747 pilot Capt. Ben Hur Gomez, OAC now has a total of 19 planes plus the latest training equipment and an instrument flight simulator

With the influx of foreign flight students Capt. Gomez said the school looks like the United Nations. “We have students who are Americans, British, Canadians, French, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Sudanese, etc.”

Omni claims to have the best instructors and the best maintained aircraft in the business.

Omni Aviation is a fixed base operator with its own private runway and hangar facilities in a 32-hectare complex within the Clark, Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It’s host to the Philippines Airline Aviation school, Philippine State College of Aeronautics flying schools, Clark Aviation, and its own Omni Aviation flight school, Asian Aeronautics Services, Inc., and Marlin Metal Enterprises.

Omni Aviation has formal ties with Flysky College, Taiwan; Global Training Center, Japan; and Selecta Education Group, Malaysia who deploy their students to Omni for flight training courses.

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