Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Philippines - CAAP - Ciron denies P14M for seminars

THE Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Tuesday strongly denied having spent P14 million for “values education and purpose- driven life” seminars for its employees.

Director General Ruben Ciron said not a single centavo was spent in the seminars held at the central office and eight major airports for about 2,000 participants.

He added the program remains unfunded to date and that the program is yet to be submitted to the CAAP board for approval and allocation of a budget.

Ciron said that the former Air Transport Office officials are now facing graft and corruption charges and that some of them are resorting to disinformation campaigns to malign the CAAP and its efforts to professionalize the agency.

As part of its defense against such “dirty tactics” and its priority to restore the Naia to Category 1 status as well as turn the agency into a highly professional world-class aviation body, Ciron said it has held the seminars after weeding out undesirables and replacing them with personnel qualified under the international set of standards.

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