Monday, July 6, 2009


No pilot or pilots, or person or persons acting on the direction, or suggestion, or supervision, of any pilot or pilots, may try, attempt to try, or make or make any attempt to try, to comprehend or understand, any or all, in whole or in part, of the herein mentioned Federal Aviation Regulations, except as authorized by the Administrator or an agent appointed by, or under the supervision of, the Administrator.
If any pilot, or group of associated pilots, becomes aware of, or realizes, or detects, or discovers, or finds, that he, or she, or they, are, or have been beginning to, or are about to, understand the Federal Aviation Regulations or any of its provisions, (he) (she) (they) must immediately, within three (3) days of such discovery or awareness notify, in writing, the Administrator.
Upon receipt of any such above notice of impending comprehension, the Administrator shall promptly cause said Federal Aviation Regulations to be rewritten in such a form and manner as to completely and totally eliminate any further possibility of comprehension by any pilot or pilots.
The Administrator may, at his or her option, require any pilot, or pilots, who commit(s), or attempt(s) to commit, or exhibit(s) any propensity to commit, the offense of understanding or comprehending the Federal Aviation Regulations, or any part thereof, to attend courses of remedial instruction in said Regulations, until such time as said pilot, or pilots, demonstrate that they are no longer capable of exhibiting any comprehension or understanding of anything.
The Administrator

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  1. Finally, a proposed FAA CFR that is readable, makes sense and is almost reasonable.