Thursday, December 3, 2009

CAAP and Type Certificate Licensing System - Interesting Tid Bit

Check out the Job Vacancy for CAAP below. Notice the two items highlighted in Red. Most Interesting is item 3, does it meant that the "Type Rating" system may be going??

The Project Office of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Manila is in search of qualified
candidates for the following post:
for the Project Office located at 5th Floor, CAAP Building, Old MIA Road, Pasay City.
Functionally reporting to the Flight Standards Inspectorate Services of the Civil Aviation Authority of the
Philippines, and contractually/administratively reporting to the Director, Technical Co-operation Bureau of
ICAO through the Project Coordinator, she/he will perform the following functions:
1. Be responsible to the Head of Personnel Licensing (H/PEL) section.
2. Ensure that licenses and type ratings held that are essential to the exercise of the duties shown
below are maintained as valid.
3. In the event that such duties are changed to a condition where validity of licenses and type ratings
are not required in order to exercise the required duties, then the preceding item may not be a
4. Undergo a continuing training programme, as defined by the H/PEL, in order to ensure currency
of knowledge and competence to International Standards, as a Personnel Licensing Officer.
5. Assess applications for flight crew licenses and type ratings and license and type rating renewals,
and produce written recommendations to H/PEL.
6. Assess applications for the validation and/conversion of foreign licenses, and determine the depth
of knowledge of the applicant, if necessary by either oral examination or a standard prepared
examination to be conducted by the AEB, and produce written recommendations to H/PEL.
7. Participate in routine and non-routine inspections of CAAP Approved Training
Organizations(ATOs), using CAAP ATO inspection manuals, in order to ensure that the
instructional standards meet CAAP requirements for the eventual issuance of a CAAP license or
type rating.
8. Conduct flight examinations (as appropriate to type ratings held) on applicants for the initial issue
and renewals of pilot licenses and type ratings using current CAAP Licensing Inspector manuals
and check lists.
9. Advise and assist Flight Operations (F/OPS) as required in licensing matters pertaining to
operators of Large Aircraft.
10. Hold meetings with operators, as required, on issues relating to PEL and participate in decisionmaking
processes with written recommendations to the Director General (DG).
11. Work in co-operation with the Airman Examinations Board (AEWB), to prepare and periodically
review the syllabi for flight crew license and rating examinations for pilots and flight engineers, and
in particular , defining the standards and qualifying conditions for the issuance of such licenses.
12. Produce and organize the publication of pamphlets and information circulars for the guidance of
applicants for flight crew licenses.
13. Work in co-operation with the AEB on the preparation and periodical revision of flight crew license
examination in order to maintain international standards of any flight crew license that is issued by
the CAAP.
14. In cooperation with the AEB, conduct periodic reviews of the flight crew license and type rating
examinations in order to ensure the effectiveness commensurate with the needs of the CAAP and
the industry.
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15. Carry out other related duties as may be required by the H/PEL.
The candidate must have the following qualifications:
1. Holder of a valid Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating or;
2. Holder of a valid Air Transport Pilot License with Multi-engine rating.
3. Have accumulated not less than 1000 hours of flight as pilot in command (PIC), of which no fewer
than 500 hours must have been as PIC of an - aircraft of not more than 5700kg Maximum Take
Off Weight (MTOW).
4. Turbo propeller powered aircraft experience is desirable.
5. Hold a current Certified Flying Instructor (CFI) rating on Single-Engined (SE) and/or Multi-Engined
(ME) aircraft.
6. Have accumulated not less than 300 hours of instructional experience as a CFI, preferably when
engaged at an Approved Training Organization (ATO).
7. Be able to demonstrate proven ability and experience in delivering Ground Instruction to students
in an ATO, in preparation for examinations for the Commercial Pilot Licence/Private Pilot Licence
8. Experience in delivering ground instruction to students in preparation for the ATPL examination is
9. Knowledge of the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) of the Philippines.
10. Knowledge of ICAO Annexes is desirable.
11. Ability to work as a team member in the planning and implementation of organizational structures,
such as Personnel Licensing (PEL) Section.
12. Proven ability to produce concise, accurate reports.
13. Ability to identify, define and analyze problems and other issues pertaining to issues arising out of
PEL matters.
14. Ability to recognize aviation-related needs and act accordingly commensurate with the CARs.
15. Initiative, tact, sound judgment and the ability to maintain an harmonious working relationship
within an integrated PEL Team.
Applicants are requested to send their CV together with an attachment clearly addressing each one
of the fifteen qualification requirements above, indicating the Post Title, via courier or fax, on or before
15 May 2009, to:
The Project Coordinator
ICAO Office
5th Floor, CAAP Building
Old MIA Road, Pasay City
Tel: (632) 879 9171

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