Monday, February 22, 2010

5 arrested for pilfering jet fuel

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Airport police arrested five persons, including an airport security guard, for allegedly stealing aviation fuel at the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

The five were arrested between late Thursday and early Friday and were believed to have been repeatedly engaged in pilfering jet-A1 fuel from a fuel supplier that keeps its stock inside the airport.

Senior Supt. Joselito Salido, chief of Aviation Security Group said they had been conducting surveillance since October last year and finally made an arrest Thursday after three persons were caught carrying out from the airport drums of aviation fuel.

The three persons were aboard a white Hyundai pick-up truck (YGZ-303) and had just gone out of Gate 2 when they were intercepted by the airport police at around 10:45 p.m., Salido said.

They were later identified as Patrick Santillana, an aeronautics student and a resident of Barangay Casili, Mandaue City; Lowell Guitguit, of Tuburan town in Cebu; and John Mar Caray, of barangay Casili, Mandaue City.

Santillana was the truck driver and the two were his helpers. Ten drums were found on the truck, seven of which were filled with fuel.

The three upon questioning admitted that their accomplices included an employee of the fuel company and a security guard assigned to the airport’s Gate 2.

By early Friday, police arrested Dennis Quistoy, a blue guard from the Mustang Security detailed at the airport’s Gate 2 and a resident of Soong II, Lapu-lapu City; and Shajid Niez Hafeel, an employee of Safe Air Corp. and a resident of Basak Cabreros, Cebu City.

Salido said it was Hafeel who allegedly facilitate access to the fuel while Quistoy supposedly made sure they got in and out of the airport’s premises undetected.


  1. this guys hit a gold mine, wow!
    its a relief that they were caught but the big fish is at large, this expose does not end the fuel trade in the households at casili, consolacion cebu were Patrick Santillana (a.k.a campus jock/pussy) and his big bro ROBERT SANTILLANA (a.k.a bossman/ P.E. instructor at Philsca, where Patrcik studies/ Airforce Officer at MBEAB) operates at.

    Family Business
    since 2005 up to present, the santillanas were hoarding barrels of unidentified fuel at casili.
    they are renowned to sell cheap gas to habal2x drivers and supply small scale retailers and oil players in mandaue district.

    Get rich or die trying
    the hooligans received alot of complaints from neighbors cause of nausea. they would threaten to silence anyone who'd stick their nostrils in the wrong hood. the menaces are furnished with weapons of obvious SECURITY alliance in the frame of the positions they hold at WORK.

    their secrecy is an open book to there colleagues and pupils. REAL AUTHORITIES, not scumbags should have a thorough background check on the shady characters, especially now the culprits are out.

    theft aren't the only problem we are facing in are local airports and airbase. there is a serious case of crookedness inside the premises of the mentioned abode & institutions alike as they call it. this is the inconvenient truth the victims & witnesses to their abominations would like to consign to oblivion.

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