Friday, June 4, 2010

Serious delays in Philippine CAAP signatures on aviation documentation

Word is that there are some serious issues at CAAP with nothing getting signed for weeks at a time.

Seems like the Director General is the only one who is authorized to sign anything, and no one is delegated in his absence should he decide to go overseas or become unavailable for any reason.

Lots of people and companies getting hurt by this lack of action.

Additionally, there are apparently consultants who have been hired to vet all documentation just prior to it hitting the Director General's Desk for signature and if any issues are found, the whole process stops.

One would reasonable expect that it would be a lot more sensible to do this as part of the normal business process to maximize service and efficiency.

Well, what next in Philippine Aviation?? Rest of the world is trying to cut regulatory costs and make it easier, whereas the Philippines appears to be going in the totally opposite direction.

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