Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clark Aviation Skulks away .. Have a look at how they moved their airplanes ..

Well, the saga of Clark Aviation continues. I have remained quiet about this embarrassment to the Philippine Aviation Community up until now.

Apart from having promised over 100 cadets an MPL License and rides in an A320 to complete their license, there are still many cadets who are a long way from seeing any kind of license. In fact, I know of a few cadets who are paying out of their own pockets to get their Commercial/IR at another Philippine Aviation School, just to show that they have something for their more than three year association with Clark Aviation.

Clark Aviation has a reputation for not paying their bills, not delivering on the courses they promise, they treat their staff abysmally and are incapable of showing any kind of professionalism towards their day to day operations, the aviation community and their own cadets.

The following photos speak for them selves, the alphas being loaded up onto a low bed to be hauled away to some hidden location. More than likely, the useful bits will be removed and sold and there will only be useless hulks remaining ..

A warning to all considering purchase of these aircraft, they were imported tax and duty free and have been subject to continuous parts removal by CA who refused to buy the correct spare parts.

Anyone who knows anything about aircraft will shudder at the way these aircraft were loaded ...

Let the photos speak for them selves .. (Taken before lunch today .. These are of the third aircraft, the first one nearly fell off whilst loading it on the low bed, unfortunately I did not get a photo of it)

(Oh, I forgot to mention, they took the wings off yesterday whilst it was raining, they were left sitting in the rain on the ground)


  1. Clark Aviation has been nothing but a sham of a Aviation Academy. My heart goes out to those cadets out there whose future careers hang by a loose thread.

  2. will these Alphas be for sale?

  3. Thy have all been cannibalized. After the way they moved them, they may be structural damage, but they will probably dispute that.