Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clark Aviation - Another chapter in the ongoing saga ..

Rumor has it that a certain management person in Clark Aviation recently chopped a lot of jobs (ie: read fired people) for what ever reason they have in their minds. (Sometimes incredibly hard to fathom ..)

Interesting thing is that they also fired a lot of the instructors, including all of the Alpha Instructors assigned to the LAST airworthy Alpha, in fact the only one now at Omni. They hid the remaining ones somewhere for some reason

So now that have one training aircraft sitting on the ground with no instructional capability at all ..

Word is they tried to get some of the instructors back who "politely" (read: "not very ..") told them no ..

Just another sign of what happens when you have non aviation people running an aviation business, and I am, being kind ..

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  1. How many instructors did they have? What was the most at one point? I have no idea how big or small this company was, other than they had 8 or so airplanes. I realize the flying was based out of Omni, but where is the company itself based? Were all their offices at Omni?

  2. I am not sure of the final count but when I was the HR manager, we had about 8. I say about, because there were flying and non flying. The trading name is Clark Aviation, the Parent Company Is International Aviation Development Group Corporation (IADGC), incorporated in manila (or it was then) Their office and training facility is based at the old Wagner High School, now Clark Polytechnic. They sub-leased from Clark Polytechnic. They had a container and two tents as their offices at Omni. I left the company because of their abysmal attitude towards their employees and their total disregard for their cadets, staff and the laws of this country. Cebu Pacific own the Full Motion A320 Simulator and Clark Aviation was operating it under lease from them

  3. and ... out of interest, they never paid my final salary, termination pays, etc. Apparently I am not the only one ..