Friday, May 23, 2008

Asean open skies - Is it Real?

The Manila Times International published an Editorial and Opinion today about the Asean Open Skies Policy due to be signed in December. The Philippines has agreed to sign it along with China, Japan, India, and South Korea as well as the nine other Asean Countries.

In essence, the open skies is supposed to allow airlines freedom of movement amongst the countries, unlimited and unrestricted maintenance or technical stops but they cannot disembark passengers en-route.  (This protects the domestic markets of the signatory countries)

Airlines of the signatory countries can basically fly point to point to any other destination in another signatory country, subject to the provisions mentioned in the previous paragraph

GMA (our president) has apparently stated that DMIA (Clark International Airport) will be the focus for this movement in the philippines.

Lets see what happens

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