Saturday, September 4, 2010

All STILL NOT Well in Paradise ICAO tells RP to beef up aviation security measures

Despite previous reports where CAAP indicated that ICAO was happy with
the progress of the CAAP in meeting the recommendations to make the
aviation industry in the philippines on a par with world wide
standards, now we find out that ICAO is NOT happy ..

THE INTERNATIONAL Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) wants the
Philippines to hire more inspectors before upgrading the country's
aviation security status.

Roberto Kobeh González, ICAO president, told reporters in a briefing
on Friday the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has
been doing its best to resolve 89 problems found in local aviation.

But he did not give a timeframe on when the safety tag on the
Philippines would be lifted.

The ICAO issued a Significant Safety Concern advice on the Philippines
in 2009 after a Universal Safety Oversight Audit inspection. ICAO’s
decision to downgrade the Philippines had to do with the "lack of plan
for certifying air operators in accordance with the Civil Aviation
Regulations of 2008, as well as the lack of surveillance inspections
of air operators and the aviation industry as a whole."

"As of Aug. 16, the CAAP has resolved 77 out of the 89 problems. But
definitely the main concern that the CAAP should address is the lack
of trained inspectors. We have talked about outsourcing some
inspectors for the meantime while the CAAP is training the local
inspectors," Mr. González said.

In January 2008, the United States Federal Aviation Administration
downgraded the Philippines to Category 2 from Category 1 following an
International Aviation Safety Audit in November 2007

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