Sunday, September 19, 2010

FASAP narrows down demands on PAL

The Flight Attendants' and Stewards' Association of the Philipines (FASAP) has narrowed down its demands on the management of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) in a bid to avert a strike and agree on a new collectibe bargaining agreement (CBA).

FASAP said on Sunday that in order to come up with a compromise agreement with PAL management, the group will just push for the mandatory retirement age to be changed to 60 from 40. This has been the biggest issue that has led to the impasse on the mediation and conciliation talks being conducted by the Department of Labor and Employment.

Another demand is for the management of the flag carrier to include or count in the years of service, the months covering pregnancy and maternity leaves.

The third demand is for the management to impose a uniform minimum wage among FASAP members.

Despite these compromises, FASAP Vice President Andy Ortega said that PAL management has been unwilling to mee them half-way.

Another conciliation meeting will be held this week at the DOLE to try and come up with an agreement acceptable to both parties.

FASAP has already filed a notice of strike with the DOLE about 2 weeks ago. The Department of Transportation and Communication and other state aviation agencies are exhausting all possible measures to prevent a strike that could cripple trade.

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