Thursday, July 17, 2008

Earthquake predicted tomorrow - Let Us See ....

A modern day Nostradamus' prophesy of a powerful earthquake devastating the Philippines has triggered wave of panic among Filipinos. Brazilian Jucelino Nobrega da Luz prophesied that thousands of Filipinos would die in an 8.1 magnitude earthquake to strike the Philippines tomorrow.

Dubbed as the Modern Day Nostradamus, Nobrega da Luz has created a stir worldwide when he claimed to have predicted the death of Princess Diana and the 9/11 terror attack, the tsunami that wreaked havoc in Indonesia on December 26 four years ago, a further Tremor in Sumatra, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the winning of the soccer world championship by Italy.

His predictions are reported to have been notarized for authenticity. A 47-year-old school teacher, Nobrega da Luz has made predictions which span more than 30 years. Among his prophecies this year are another Empire State Building terror attack and a 9.1 magnitude earthquake in China, both happening in September. Luz's latest prediction that is supposed to unfold in the Philippines tomorrow has circulated throughout the world through the media and the Internet, flooding forums and message boards with numerous reactions.

However, some Filipinos are unfazed. "There's a saying that the more you entertain an idea, the more its chances of becoming true so I don't even think about it," a young Filipino resident said. "Earthquake prediction is an imperfect science nowadays, though there had been experts who had successfully informed people of an earthquake ahead of time and thus saving lives. But it is not appropriate to believe in unscientific means in predicting earthquakes," explained a science teacher.

Another educator said that people who believe in forebodings do not believe out of profound analysis but out of fear and that it is more the work of instinct rather than intellect. "Psychics like Jucelino are acting out of a desire for fame and money, the more media exposure they get, the more they become famous and augment their chances for financial gain," another resident remarked.

With Nobrega da Luz's prediction, it is uncertain how many Filipinos will skip work, miss school or say no to enter skyscrapers tomorrow.

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