Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Garmin Dealer Finally Appointed in the Philippines

For those of you who are Garmin Fans, we finally have a way of obtaining Garmin Products locally, both the portables and panel mount units, along with a Sales and Service Outlet based at Clark. The details are below ...

In line with our commitment to be constantly remain at the apex of Aviation engineering and maintenance services provider Asian aeronautics Services Inc. (AASI) is proud to announce that as of 24 June 2008 we were appointed by Garmin USA as a Dealership and Service Center for Garmin aviation products. This appointment will enable AASI to provide not only sales of the handheld Garmin product range to our customer base in our region but also sales and installation of panel mounted Garmin products and intergration into the customers instrument panel.
We have been providing upgrades and retro fit services for several years to our homebuilt and kit plane customers particularly in partnership with Marlin Metalcrafters here in Clark Field Freeport as well as manufacturing complete airframe wiring harnesses and instrument panel avionics NAV/COMM wiring harness and the intergration between them and including the EFIS and MFD's we installed. We have gained valuable experience and expertise that can be applied to Type Certified aircraft registered in installations and upgrades or retro fit of in panel Garmin products through our Certified Repair Station in Clark Pampanga in the Philippines.
Our new relationship with Garmin also allows us to offer our "Ready to fly Jet Fueled Cessna 172" product with Garmin avionics stack as an alternative to the King NAV I we currently offer in these refurbished and STC ed aircraft. Have a look at our website www.asianaero.net and learn more about the services AASI provides our aviation community.

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