Thursday, October 7, 2010

Philippine Bureau of Immigration Admits Mistake, Allows Deaf-Mute Chef to Leave

A deaf and mute chef prevented by an immigration officer from flying
to Qatar last Monday because of his disability was allowed to leave on
Thursday after immigration authorities admitted that they made a

After a three-day delay, chef Franklin Corpuz was finally allowed by
immigration authorities to leave for Doha yesterday morning aboard
Qatar Airways QR649.

Immigration Head of Supervisors lawyer Arvin Santos admitted on
Thursday that one of their immigration officers made a procedural
error when he prevented Corpuz from leaving last Monday.

It was learned that immigration officer Raul Medina prevented Corpuz
from leaving the country after suspecting him of becoming a public
charge in Qatar.

Although Medina had the authority to prevent the passenger from
leaving, it was learned that the official committed procedural errors
by not fully completing the required immigration forms.

"Hindi kinumpleto ng Immigration Officer (Medina) an questionnaire.
Walang photocopy ng mga dokumento ni Corpuz," Santos said.

According to Santos, Medina disallowed the passenger from leaving
without fully asking and completing the standard questionnaires
required for off-loaded passengers.

With Medina failing to provide the Bureau with the completed
questionnaire as well as photocopies of Corpuz's travel documents,
visa, and other permits, the immigration office could not determine
the real reason why the deaf-mute passenger was prevented from

As a result, Santos ordered Medina to explain in writing his reason
for preventing Corpuz from leaving.

Santos explained that although the bureau is clamping down on the
departure of tourist workers to other countries, the immigration
officers should be careful in enforcing their authority.

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