Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ticking fuel bomb on Gas Pipeline to Manila Airport

Geologists from the UP National Institute for Geological Science (NIGS) have reportedly determined that the source of the gas leak at the West Tower condominium in Makati are from pipes shared by Shell and Caltex that supply aviation fuel to the airport. The gas leak which started in July has already dislocated condominium residents, affected business establishments near the building and has not only sowed fear among residents in Barangay Bangkal but convinced them that their lives are literally in danger particularly because exposure to the noxious fumes are causing health risks, with many already complaining about difficult breathing. It has also been determined that the water table around the area may have been contaminated, my sources added.

The information we received shows that as much as 20 barrels per day are being extracted from the building basement, and the worst part is that the waste is reportedly being dumped daily in Laguna Lake. This problem could develop into a major catastrophe like what happened in Bhopal, India several years ago where thousands of people died because of a gas leak in the Union Carbide pesticide plant. Up to this day, residents in the area continue to suffer from serious health problems such as chronic respiratory ailments, dizziness and headaches. The Bhopal tragedy has been considered as the worst industrial disaster ever that has also caused untold environmental damage.

If the people responsible for this ticking fuel bomb in Bangkal, Makati don’t act quickly and swiftly, the situation could develop into another major catastrophe that the Philippines is beginning to be known for.

SPY BITS By Babe Romualdez (The Philippine Star) Updated October 14, 2010 12:00

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